Business Chemistry’s 4 Types

Expressly designed for use in a business context, Business Chemistry draws upon the latest analytics technologies to reveal four scientifically based patterns of behavior. The 4 primary Business Chemistry types are:


Which type best describes you?  Explore our tool to help you learn more.  Click the picture to get started. Note:  It works best on mobile devices.  If you are using your desktop, it may take up to 30 seconds to load.


To learn more about each of the primary Business Chemistry types watch the videos below….

85 thoughts on “Business Chemistry’s 4 Types

  1. Since being exposed to Business Chemistry, I use this framework to tailor my communication to my different team members. It’s been really successful and my team also uses the Business Chemistry language!

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  2. Business Chemistry has been the tool I have needed in order to differentiate my engagements with my clients. It helped me to focus in how best to deliver information tailored to each of my clients – based upon their Business Chemistry!

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  3. Excellent ! I’ve been following Business Chemistry since long time and applied both in my Professional and personal life ! It’s >>100% working . I am more than happy and must say “Congrats and Thank you ” to its inventor !!! Big Namstey from Deloitte India .


  4. Besides wording, what’s the difference between what Gustav Jung already researched (and what was translated in the tool Insights Discovery) and the Business Chemistry of Deloitte?


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