When an Integrator isn’t just an Integrator–Teamers and Dreamers

A while back I shared some hints for recognizing an Integrator, as well as some suggestions for flexing your own style to theirs. I hope you’ve been putting this information to good use! As a reminder, generally speaking, Integrators are empathic, diplomatic, and not likely to be competitive. They prioritize relationships, value consensus, and feel a sense of responsibility to others. They’re open-minded and trusting.

Business Chemistry was designed to be simple enough to understand and remember. That’s why we focus on just four primary types. But sometimes it’s helpful to get a bit more granular. And in this case doing so reveals that Integrators are not all equally easy to recognize, and in fact, there are two sub-types of Integrators. The Teamer is outgoing and more extroverted, while the Dreamer is reserved and more introverted. If there’s a Teamer in the room you’ll probably know it, but the Dreamer is more elusive.

If you’ve ever had difficulty recognizing an Integrator, this difference may be why.
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