Six Workplace Trends to Watch in 2017

With the arrival of 2017, we’ve been spending time sizing up some of the many important developments, issues and trends in the workplace. And let us tell you: from tools, to employee experience, to team dynamics, workplace habits are a-changing. Teams are on the rise, the next generation of leaders are reshaping their work environments as I write, and the employer-employee contract continues to actively evolve.

Our analysis included published research findings, our own experience consulting to client companies, and ongoing monitoring of corporate commitments and published policies….With a bit of clairvoyance mixed in!

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Data Bite: Decoding Work Styles Across Generations

This week’s Business Chemistry Data Bite explores how working styles differ between the Baby Boomer and Millennial generations.  Share it with your colleagues and social networks to start conversations about how different generations can leverage each other’s differences to build stronger teams.

You can also learn more about out how to use Business Chemistry to Amplify Your Messages to Millennials.  And, dig deeper with insights from Deloitte’s 2016 Millennial Survey.

Listen Now! Confessions Podcast Episode 3: “My Boss the Robot.”

promo_mybosstherobotIn the next episode of our Business Chemistry Confessions Podcast Series, “My Boss the Robot,” we explore one professional’s experience with her new boss and the mismatch between their working styles. The disconnects in day-to-day operations at her new job and brought her just days away from leaving the company.  But, a communication breakthrough leads to better understanding.

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The Business Chemistry guide to navigating office holiday parties

‘Tis the sThe Business Chemistry guide to navigating office holiday partieseason for requisite office holiday parties, with the associated potential for social awkwardness as you mingle. At work parties, while there are many things to avoid doing in general (drunken karaoke probably being high on that list), there are also things that are particularly unappealing to specific individuals based on their different working styles. So to help make your interactions as pleasant as possible this season, here’s a quick list of what to do, and more importantly what NOT do, with each of the four main working styles you’ll see across your bosses and co-workers.

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Data Bite: The Four Types

Business Chemistry reveals our new Data Bites–visual insights based on the data behind our research.  This week’s data bite explores how different scientifically based patterns of behavior impact the workplace.  Share it with your colleagues and social networks and learn more about each other’s strengths.

Listen now! Confessions Podcast Ep. 2: “There is no “I” in we.”

promo_theresnoiinweIn the next episode of our Business Chemistry Confessions Podcast Series we explore whether leaders should be willing to change for the good of the team. This episode uncovers a team dynamic that wasn’t working for Ritwik. When he tries to force his own working style on his team, who has a very different style, there are unintended consequences to the team’s performance.

In Ritwik’s own words:”I am an agenda driven person and my team was full of ideas. When I would stop conversations in meetings that seemed off-topic, the team would just shut down. They just saw me as aloof and my need to stick to agendas impacted our team’s performance.”

Ritwik discovered that by flexing his style he could contribute to a more dynamic and successful team. Learn how you can do the same.

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View our webcast “Stressed at work? It might be your working style”

deloitte_business-chemistry_logo-sphere_rgb-black-bkgd View our webcast Stressed at work? It might be your working style.

We’ve all felt it, and have developed ways to manage it, likely with varying levels of success. But how easily we get stressed, what kinds of events feel stressful, and what strategies we use to cope aren’t the same for everyone. The Deloitte Greenhouse Business Chemistry Team reveals the findings of their Stress Study, which explores:

  • How do different Business Chemistry types experience stress differently?
  • How you choose to cope when you’re stressed?
  • How can great leaders create environments that enable talent to thrive in times of stress?

Business Chemistry teaches us that we can strengthen our working relationships by understanding how others are similar to and different from us. And when our relationships are stronger, we can perform better together.

For tips on what to do about stress on your team read Business Chemistry Do’s and Don’ts During Times of Stress

New podcast series launched, Confessions. Episode 1: “The Monster that Harmony Made.”

confessions_squareWe are excited to announce our new podcast series, Confessions.  Hosted by Kim Christfort, National Managing Director of the Deloitte Greenhouse Experience, each episode explores true stories of workplace success and failure that all come down to one thing–Business Chemistry.

Learn how Business Chemistry can help you understand your own working style and how it’s similar to or different from others. Listen in as Kim talks with Suzanne Vickberg (Dr. Suz), Lead Researcher for Business Chemistry. Together, they’ll discuss techniques you can use to flex your style, improve your working relationships, and build stronger teams.

promo_monsterthatharmonymade“The monster that harmony made,” is our first episode and explores Betsy’s efforts to guide a team that’s enthusiastic about achieving project success, but whose desire for harmony creates one monstrous roadblock.  Can too many similar working styles hinder success? 

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HR People + Strategy: “Business Chemistry May Amplify Your Message to Millennials”

hrA new byline by Selena Rezvani reveals that leaders who stereotype Millennials without noting working style differences within the demographic are missing a big opportunity to leverage this group’s strengths to achieve organizational breakthrough.

“As we take known generalized characteristics of each generation and apply them to the workplace, we’re left with a degree of useable information, but in some ways, our insights may be incomplete. That means that HR and talent professionals can be limited to broad simplifications of entire age groups, which doesn’t necessarily translate to breakthrough employee programs or initiatives.”

Get tips on how to use Business Chemistry to engage Millennials by reading the entire article on HR People + Strategy.