Can an introvert be a good leader?

Stereotypes about leadership could be preventing you from seeing the unique strengths and potential of some of your most talented employees.

Do you think of leaders as outgoing, sometimes larger-than-life individuals who command attention? If so, you may have a hard time seeing an introvert as a good leader. And those misconceptions may be stopping you from promoting some of your best and most talented employees.

While some people may view being quiet and reserved as a leadership weaknesses, an introvert’s ability to be a thoughtful listener can help them be successful in strategic roles. 

Learn more about recognizing the unique advantages of introvert leaders and the strengths they offer their organizations in this new article published by Multibriefs “Can an introvert be a good leader?

3 thoughts on “Can an introvert be a good leader?

  1. I often get asked if I can help someone become more of a driver. When I ask why they tell me they want to be a leader. I then share that they can lead with the skills that are innate to them and trying to be someone they are not will only result in a lack of authenticity. And no one follows inauthentic people.


  2. As an introvert, I absolutely love this debate and know first hand that both introverts and extroverts can be highly effective leaders when they connect on a meaningful level with their followers.

    Business Chemistry (BC) does a wonderful job demonstrating how we are blends of every style. The challenge comes with being able to engage our less dominant styles when needed. For example, when someone, with low Driver tendencies, takes a risk and engages their inner Driver, it will create internal stress. The key, to their long term success, is how they handle the stress of functioning in their less dominate style. Those that handle the stress well, can be highly successful when functioning in their non-dominant styles.

    To Scott’s point, if a meaningful connection is made, the need to function as a driver will most likely diminish over time. Unless, the follower needs the leader to be ‘Driverish’ to be highly successful. After all, isn’t leadership about meeting the needs of your followers to ensure their success?

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