Share your thoughts on what disrupts your workplace most


Hell  /hel/  noun: A state or place of great suffering; an unbearable experience.

Example usage: “I’ve been through hell”

Synonyms: a misery, torture, agony, a torment, a nightmare, an ordeal;

Antonyms: paradise

We’d like you to think about what type of work environment fits in with your own definition of an unbearable environment.  The types of things people do that zap your potential.

Do you love the details or detest them? Are you a free thinker or would you prefer more structure? Do you prefer working with the broader team or are you focused on individual contributions?

We all have differences and preferences. Understanding more about these can help everyone learn how to work better together and lead to a more productive workplace. Take our poll below and tell us what type of work environment that causes you great frustration.



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