Business Chemistry in the C-suite

New survey finds C-suite has key differences from general business population

The latest Business Chemistry® research CxO_Image_350X350surveyed 661 C-suite executives to learn more about their working styles, the impact of organizational and demographic factors on common characteristics, and the unique traits that set CxOs apart from the typical professional. These findings can help inform current executives on team building, inspire aspirational professionals in shaping their career priorities, and build a better understanding of CxO preferences for anyone who works with them. Read the full report and watch the video to learn more about the findings.

Listen to a replay of our webcast to learn more about the insights from this new research. In this webcast, we:

  • Explore the results of our study and highlight findings related to function, organization size, industry, and gender
  • Share insights about the traits that uniquely characterize C-suite executives
  • Provide tips that aspiring next-generation executives can consider in their own career paths
  • Suggest strategies for leaders (and those who work with them) to use their understanding of various working styles to manage and benefit from diversity

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