Listen now! Confessions Podcast Ep. 2: “There is no “I” in we.”

promo_theresnoiinweIn the next episode of our Business Chemistry Confessions Podcast Series we explore whether leaders should be willing to change for the good of the team. This episode uncovers a team dynamic that wasn’t working for Ritwik. When he tries to force his own working style on his team, who has a very different style, there are unintended consequences to the team’s performance.

In Ritwik’s own words:”I am an agenda driven person and my team was full of ideas. When I would stop conversations in meetings that seemed off-topic, the team would just shut down. They just saw me as aloof and my need to stick to agendas impacted our team’s performance.”

Ritwik discovered that by flexing his style he could contribute to a more dynamic and successful team. Learn how you can do the same.

Listen today on your favorite device.

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