View our webcast “Stressed at work? It might be your working style”

deloitte_business-chemistry_logo-sphere_rgb-black-bkgd View our webcast Stressed at work? It might be your working style.

We’ve all felt it, and have developed ways to manage it, likely with varying levels of success. But how easily we get stressed, what kinds of events feel stressful, and what strategies we use to cope aren’t the same for everyone. The Deloitte Greenhouse Business Chemistry Team reveals the findings of their Stress Study, which explores:

  • How do different Business Chemistry types experience stress differently?
  • How you choose to cope when you’re stressed?
  • How can great leaders create environments that enable talent to thrive in times of stress?

Business Chemistry teaches us that we can strengthen our working relationships by understanding how others are similar to and different from us. And when our relationships are stronger, we can perform better together.

For tips on what to do about stress on your team read Business Chemistry Do’s and Don’ts During Times of Stress

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